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Welcome to The Database Design Resource Center!

Are you in a position where you are struggling with DB design problems, theoretical issues in DB design, and wondering how to do it right, from the start? Maybe you're part of a team that is arguing against each other member as well as against itself (very common, unfortunately)?

Or do you simply want to educate yourself with competence, and back it up with solid evidence found on this website, making you the winner of long debates and discussions?

This website discusses, or rather, talks with you, in an easy way, on themes regarding database modeling, normalization techniques, primary key considerations, programming strategies, DBA problems (and solutions), and many other issues relating to building database models that will form the basis of your high-performing databases.

The purpose of this site

If you are in the process of considering, starting up or already have a database design in place and running, by examining this site you will find an abundance of advice on how to improve your design in order to create high-volume, fast-performing databases:

Modeling the Universe

This is just a play with Entity Relationship Modeling: Placing the Universe into one single diagram :-).

Actually, I wrote it to show you the power of ER modeling, as well as to give you a head-start on the subject...

and much more...

Focused, free DB information and low-cost eBooks

Far too often, you have to buy expensive books, or attend high-cost courses, to keep ahead in this business. I aim to change that, and create high-end, valuable articles and eBooks on specific topics, so that you can keep yourself at the edge of knowledge in your business. I believe, that using free keynotes and free/affordable eBooks from this website, you will be updated and in the front of your colleagues in your field of work.

Currently, the following eBooks are available:

The Entity Relationship eBook is a free gift for subscribers to my newsletter.

The Normalization eBook is directed at people who want to educate themselves in refined datase design skills: Being knowledgable about subtle themes only a skilled Systems Analyst would be aware of...

Talking straight

I have set out to do this because there is so much confusion in our field of work; lots of articles on the net, or in books, pretend to be "scientific", using words and language which is difficult to grasp, even if the database design work should be intuitive and natural. The database community has to learn how to talk, and not least, communicate with our customers in an understandable manner.

My eBooks and my website are made to do just that, and I hope you will read them with a learning mind.

A site for Database people

This site is made for database professionals seeking fast and reliable support and inspiration for solving time- and performance-critical issues in their database jobs. Since you have arrived here, you most likely have a genuine interest in improving your knowledge in the database design field. This site is alive and listening to you, my visitor: After all, this site is built for you! Subscribe to my newsletter and stay informed.


The Database Design Resource Center is producing a series of eBooks, investigating and describing the various activities included in bringing up high-performing, normalized relational databases. These will apply whether you are using Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server or any other database that is (or pretends to be) "relational".

Other resources

At The Database Design Resource Center I also work on presenting articles of general interest related to analysis and design of relational databases; effective design patterns for you to use as an inspiration and support for your day-to-day work, as well as I investigate the vast amount of litterature on the subjects, that is being offered from different sources.

I will try to provide you with best-of-choice, critically selected software and methods literature based on my own experience and recommended readings.

Sharing knowledge

As mentioned above, I keep this site to help people understand how to design their databases for maximum performance and stability. Sharing information is, after all, the real good use of the Internet. Please let me know if anything on this site is misleading, needs updating or additions.

"The most important motive for study at school, at the university, and in life, is the pleasure of working and thereby obtaining results which will serve the community.

The most important task for our educators is to awaken and encourage these psychological forces in a young man or woman.

Such a basis alone can lead to the joy of possessing one of the most precious assets in the world -

Knowledge or artistic skill."

Albert Einstein

Exclusive interviews with:
Steven Feuerstein, PLSQL expert
Donald Burleson, Top IT consultant

Free eBook

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What visitors say...

"I just stumbled accross your site looking for some normalization theory and I have to say it is fantastic.

I have been in the database field for 10+ years and I have never before come across such a useful site. Thank you for taking the time to put this site together."

Mike, USA

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Database Normalization eBook:

Database Normalization eBook

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