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MySQL DBA : Common tasks

Welcome to the MySQL DBA section of this site

In this MySQL DBA section, you will find a set of common tasks needed to be mastered and performed by any DBA. The articles are basic/intermediate level, and some are graphic intensive, so you will need some network speed to read them.

I recommend that you print each article for better reading experience. Use landscape orientation on your printer.

Starting with the release of MySQL version 5.0 and upwards, the Open Source MySQL database system have all of a sudden become an interesting alternative for serious business applications.

What is of particular interest for a MySQL DBA, is the accept that a modern database needs to have built-in support for stored procedures, triggers, ACID transactions and not least, being able to support referential integrity through primary and foreign keys constraints.

For a long time, I have wanted to present to you a set of articles for MySQL DBA's, which include:

  • Backup and restore
  • General DB design
  • DB Administration
  • MySQL tuning

and much more. So, here it is:

DISCLAIMER: All programming examples within the articles are meant for illustration purposes only, and The Database Design Resource Center holds no warrant for correctness if used.

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